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I - Log in or create a new profile and obtain access token

1. Log in or create a profile by clicking "Login" at the product's website or navigating to https://searchplus.pro/customer.


If you do not have a profile yet, you have to sign up.


We require as less details as possible, so filling the registration form should take a minute.


2. You have to subscribe to the service (yes, there is a FREE tier - no payments are required) via the customer portal - https://searchplus.pro/customer/. Please keep the tab open, you will need the token information from it.


II - Install the plugin

3. The best option is to use the "Plugins" section of the admin panel of your website. Select "Add New" and enter "searchplus" in the search box in the right.

Wp get plugin.png

Alternatively, You can download the plugin from our package page, by expanding the WordPress section and hitting the "Download" button

Wp download plugin.png


4. After downloading the plugin, You must unzip it to the local machine and then upload the resulting searchplus folder to the wp-content/plugins directory at your WordPress installation

Wp upload plugin.png

III - Configure the plugin

5. The next step is to activate the downloaded plugin. Go to the WP admin panel of your site and select "Plugins"

Wp activate plugin.png

Click "Activate". A new link, named "Search+" will apear in the left menu. Click it in order to enter your token.

6. Enter your API key.

Wp configure plugin.png

Please, paste the API key from step 1.

Congratulations, now you are set and ready to go!