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In order to install Search+ to Your Jommla web site, perform the following steps:

I - Log in or create a new profile and obtain access token

1. Log in or create a profile by clicking "Login" at the product's website or navigating to


If you do not have a profile yet, you have to sign up.


We require as less details as possible, so filling the registration form should take a minute.


2. You have to subscribe to the service (yes, there is a FREE tier - no payments are required) via the customer portal - Please keep the tab open, you will need the token information from it.


II Install the extention

3. Login to the admin panel of your site and navigate to System | Extensions

Joomla system extensions.png

4. After clicking "Extentions", you will be presented several options, two of which are the most convenient:

Joomla install extensions.png

5. For either of them, You have to visit the Serch+ Package page, and expand the Joomla section:

Joomla install package.png

The two points of interest here are:

  • The URL of the package (will be needed if you choose the "Install from Url option"
  • The Download button (will be needed if you choose the "Upload a Package File" option)

Install from url

Joomla install url.png

Upload a package file

First, you have to download the archived plugin by clicking the Download button from step 3. Once you have it, click the "Upload file" button or drag it to the upload area.

III Enable the Serch+ module

6. Go to System | Manage | Site Modules

Joomla manage module.png

7. In the Site Modules screen, find Search Plus (you can filter by the word "search") and click the name

Joomla manage sp.png

IV Configure the Search+ module

8. Here you have to enter the user token from the Customer portal (step 3). Make sure the module is assigned a footer position (in this case "footer 1").

Joomla configure module.png

Congratulations, now you are set and ready to go!