• Increase sales
• Reduce bounce rate
• Impress your customers

We have the right solution. Just for you.


Optimal combination of features for onsite search

Voice search

Dictate search query instead of using the slow keyboard.

Type ahead / Autocomplete

Smart suggesting what the user is trying to type.

Did you mean?

Automatically detect and fix typing errors or ambigious statements.

Multiple languages

Different languages could be selected. Specialized dictionaries could be applied.

Custom words

Predefined list of custom and relevant words tailored to the website content and context.



Detect typing and translate it to a language that your search engine understands.

Onsite search habits

Search users will select refined autocomplete suggestions more than 50% of the time.
Visitors and customers expect to get the information they want in an instant and in the most fast and convenient way possible.
Bad search experience leads to decreased chances of lead conversions and repeat visits and sales.

Do you know that?


80% of websites do not have well featured search box and do not support voice search


50% of e-commerce revenues come from users who use onsite search box


43% of shoppers on retail websites go directly to the search bar


The average shopping cart value increases by 19% when good search is available

We democratize the onsite search experience

When it comes to a customer’s path to purchase the search box is critical.

Our range of affordable and intelligent search box features will play a vital role in enhancing the users’ experience on your website.

Searching on your website couldn’t get easier. Your visitors will be happy and will spend more. Give it a try!

What is in for you?

We offer a complete set of tools and tailored services to help you stand out from the crowd and to have a well featured search box on your website.

SearchPlus offers unprecedented user satisfaction through a comprehensive range of features that are optimizing search box usage.

SearchPlus is a must have addition to a search box. It will lead to increased conversions, improved UX and reduced bounce rate of your website.

Pricing plans per year


$ 0 lifetime
  • Voice search on desktop


on all devices
$ 1 (12$ per year)
  • Voice search on all devices
Most Popular


save 9%
$ 5 (54$ per year)
  • Voice search on all devices
  • Type ahead (autocomplete)
  • Did you mean?
  • Four dictionaries
  • 1 000 Custom words
Best Price


save 17%
$ 25 (249$ per year)
  • Voice search on all devices
  • Type ahead (autocomplete)
  • Did you mean?
  • One dictionary
  • 1000 Custom words

Pay once

$ 240 (paid once)
  • Voice search on all devices
  • Type ahead (autocomplete)
  • Did you mean?
  • Four dictionaries
  • 500 Custom words


  • Voice search on all devices
  • Type ahead (autocomplete)
  • Did you mean?
  • Negotiable dictionaries
  • Negotiable custom words
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